Franchisee Criteria

The ideal partner should meet the following criteria to gain consideration for a LaVina franchise:

  • Experience as a multi-unit restaurant operator
  • Minimum of $500K in liquid assets per store to be developed (individually or through a partnership)
  • Minimum of $1M net worth per store to be developed (individually or through a partnership)
  • Infrastructure and resources to meet your development schedule
  • Real estate experience in the market to be developed
  • Total commitment to the development of the LaVina Cuban Cuisine brand

Aside from the required capital investment, a franchisee must be actively involved as an operator of their LaVina Cuban Cuisine restaurant(s) either through their own involvement or that of a dedicated operating partner (with equity) who is committed to the full-time management of the LaVina Cuban Cuisine business.


Initial Investment

The estimated initial investment ranges from $720,000 - $968,500



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